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Too Many Frogs
by Sandy Asher
Fall 2022 & Spring/Summer 2023 TOUR 
October - June

Rabbit lives alone. He cooks for himself, cleans up for himself, and at the end of the day, reads himself a story. It's a simple life, and he likes it. But one evening, Froggie shows up at his door. He wants to listen to Rabbit's story, too. While eating a snack-or three. While lounging on a pillow-or ten. And bringing over his family-dozens and dozens of frogs! Rabbit has finally had enough; Froggie will have to go! But when he sits down alone to read himself a story, Rabbit realizes something is missing: someone to listen; someone to share a wonderful story.

Our Books Alive! original musical adaptation delights all ages!

Being open to something new can become a welcome surprise if you let it!

Gather round with friends to share
If it gets messy,

who’s to care?
Something’s missing

when they’re gone
So come on in and join our song.


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