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Chicken Big 2020 Promo

Chicken Big 2020 Promo

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In response to the recent public health crisis, we created our ANYWHERE Edition, a filmed version of our fully staged performances for digital distribution.  Our videos have been enthusiastically received and viewed hundreds of times!


For those that are still unable to bring our Books Alive! Tour to your campus, we are pleased to offer access to this meaningful content until we can visit you in person once again. 


Currently filmed offerings inlude:

Chicken Big 

Three Nasty Gnarlies

Princess Penelope's Parrot

Tacky the Penguin

Me First

Here’s how it works…

With each license, we include a digital copy of our Activity Guide and 1 original story book.   On or near the agreed upon date, a private link to view/stream production video via YouTube is provided and remains active for contract duration.  (*The actual video file can be uploaded to the client’s closed network for in-house/private network viewing for an additional $100.)


  • One Day License: private YouTube link available for one business day

  • One Week License: private YouTube link available for 7 consecutive days

  • One Month Access: private YouTube link available for 4 weeks


  • 1 original story book with recommendation to do a Zoom Reading or classroom reading before the scheduled viewing day.

  • A digital Activity Guide for distribution -with  various grade level appropriate activities

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