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 Books Alive! Literacy Through the Arts Program

teaches kids the art of creative writing while developing the skill of critical thinking.  Created by members of the Books Alive! Writing Team, students learn the process of transforming a book into a musical in a one hour workshop.


The Literacy Workshop:

  • Reinforces the lesson of WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE, WHY & HOW of creative writing with our original Stop! Think! song. 

  • Students learn character development, visualization, and writing techniques which provide lifelong tools for creativity.

  • Students use these tools to create character profiles based on a agreed upon literary work. 

  • Students study different musical genres and explore how music has the ability to set and influence mood while creating atmosphere.

Under the direction of the Books Alive! Lyricist and Composer, students use all of these tools to create an original song based on a children's book.

Workshops are offered as an enhancement to Books Alive! stage performances, but are also available as stand alone experiences.


Adapted for all ages, while particularly beneficial to the

Fourth Grade lessons for Star Testing. 


Educational Posters, teaching bookmarks and original music

included for every classroom. 


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